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Developing an Antipiracy Program - The indicators are all over company  balance sheets: counterfeiting and piracy are siphoning off incredible  amounts of revenue from legitimate businesses. (Read This Article...)

Remote Computer Monitoring: Managing Sex Offenders’ Access to Internet - Sexual victimization of children is heinous. Unfortunately, for all its wonders, the Internet has facilitated a dramatic increase in this type of crime. (Read this Article...)

Trends in Organized Crime - Changing a culture of corruption: How Hong Kong’s independent commission against corruption succeeded in furthering a culture of lawfulness (Read this Article...)
Debate: A White House order on cyber security - tate-sponsored cyber attacks require a state-led response. President Obama's planned executive order (E.O.) in response to the defeated U.S. Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (CSA) will allow federal agencies to propose new security standards for critical infrastructure industries. (Read this Article...)
Speech Transcript – Richard C. LaMagna, Oral Testimony regarding “The Anticounterfeiting Amendments of 2003” - Before the Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property & U.S. House of Representatives (Read this Article...)

Speech Transcript – Richard C. LaMagna, Testimony Before the House Subcommittee on Courts, The Internet, and Intellectual Property – ” The Global Threat of Software Counterfeiting“ - Before the
House Subcommittee on Courts, The Internet, and Intellectual Property (Read this Article...)

Reducing software piracy, a hopeless case? - Richard LaMagna of LaMagna and Associates studies what needs to be done to combat counterfeit software (Read this Article...)

I spy with my little virtual eye... - Catherine White taps into the virtual world of computer hacking and its real threat to IP (Read this Article...)

Public-Private Partnerships for Cybersecurity - Cyberspace threats have become a paramount concern and are presently destabilizing the global order. Government alone cannot solve this threat. (Read this Article...)
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